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The attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm hold decades of combined experience in patent and trademark prosecution, intellectual property litigation and privacy and information security compliance. The Firm’s partners have been involved in nearly all aspects of domestic and international intellectual property consultation and transactions, prosecution and litigation.

Our partners are experienced in dealing with, among other inventions, business methods, commercial items, chemicals and materials, electrical, mechanical, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more. The Firm’s IP Practice Group assists individual entrepreneurs, start-ups and private and public companies to protect their patent, trademark, and copyright interests.

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Practice Highlights

Exemplary Electrical Patents

  • 8,280,652 – Sensor, Method, and System of Monitoring Transmission Lines
  • 8,164,308 – Apparatus and Method for Capturing Cosmic Background Radiation and Converting the Same to Electricity
  • 7,999,689 – Household Appliance Operation Sensing and Control Having a Remotely Controlled AC Power Receptacle and AC Current Sensor
  • 7,345,756 – Image Based Fiber Length Measurements from Tapered Beards
  • 7,332,795 – Dielectric Passivation for Semiconductor Devices

Exemplary Industrial Patents

  • 7,942,308 – Composite Metal Extrusions and a Process for Producing Composite Metal Extrusions
  • 7,621,968 – Process for Producing Low Sodium Sea Salt From Sea Water
  • 6,907,994 – Process for Converting Wet Fly Ash into Dry Useful Industrial Products

Exemplary Software & Business Methods Patents

  • 8,335,696 – Indexed Competition Health Care Network Method
  • 8,280,802 – System and Method for Decisions in Trading Financial Instruments
  • 7,076,480 – Dynamic Adjustment of Commit Frequency
  • 8,208,949 – Navigation System for Portable Communication Devices
  • 6,951,013 – Method for Facilitating Development and Testing of Relational Database Application Software
  • 7,257,543 – System and Method for Marketing Cotton

Exemplary Mechanical Patents

  • 8,256,777 – Shopping Cart Adapted To Receive Elongated Items
  • 7,824,766 – Sorption Paper and Method of Producing Sorption Paper
  • 7,857,660 – Watt Hour Meter Socket Adapter with Current Transformer Housing Structure
  • 7,637,255 – Target Launcher Having Versatile Mounting Configurations
  • 7,411,136 – Multiple Batch System and Method for Loading Railcars of a Wide Range of Capacities and Designs
  • 7,398,752 – Rocker Arm for Valve Actuation
  • 7,153,469 – Four Edge Sealed Sterilization Wrap and Method for Sterilizing an Article
  • 6,908,022 – Washer Feeding and Positioning Attachment for Fastener Driver

Exemplary Biomedical Patents

  • 8,209,004 – Body-Based Monitoring of Brain Electrical Activity
  • 6,855,324 – Therapeutic Placebo Enhancement of Commonly Used Medications

Exemplary Consumer Products Patents

  • 8,087,595 – Combination Rinse Pitcher and Shower Spout
  • 8,069,517 – Combination Portable Diaper Changer and Disposable Bag Dispenser
  • 7,866,879 – Immersion Blender Spatula Rin
  • 7,028,914 – Piano Humidistat
  • 7,678,094 – Reusable Swim Diaper
  • 6,775,916 – Framer’s Layout Square

Patent & Trademark Infringement Litigation

  • The American Angus Association v. Sysco Corp. (WDNC), Trademark infringement. Successfully represented the American Angus Association in asserting its trademark regarding the Certified Angus Beef trademark
  • BorgWarner, Inc. and BorgWarner Turbosystems, Inc. v. Honeywell International, Inc. (WDNC), Patent infringement of automotive turbochargers. Representing BorgWarner in asserting three of its patents regarding the design and manufacture of turbocharger components
  • BorgWarner, Inc. and BorgWarner Turbosystems, Inc., v. Cummins, Inc. and Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd. (WDNC), Patent infringement of automotive turbochargers. Representing BorgWarner in asserting three of its patents regarding the design and manufacture of turbocharger components
  • Sandvik Intellectual Property AB v. Kennemetal, Inc. (WDNC), Patent infringement of metal oxide tools. Representing Sandvik in asserting three of its patents regarding the manufacture of oxide coated cuttings tools
  • SuperGuide Corp. v. Directv Enterprises, Inc., Directv, Inc., Directv Operations, Inc., Hughes Electronics Corp., Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc., Echostar Communications Corp., Echostar Satellite Corp., and Echostar Technologies Corp. (WDNC), Patent litigation of satellite receivers. Defending EchoStar from claims of patent infringement related to satellite receivers
  • Shurtape Technologies, LLC and Shurtech Brands, LLC v. 3M Comp. (WDNC), Patent litigation of painter’s tape. Defending 3M Corp. from claims of patent infringement related to painter’s tape
Intellectual Property Attorneys
  • Allergan, Inc. and Duke University v. Apotex, Inc., Apotex Corp., Sandoz, Inc., Hi-Tech Pharmacal Comp., Inc., Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Watson Laboratories, Inc. and Watson Pharma, Inc., et al. (MDNC) (Consolidated cases) Represented plaintiffs in these Hatch-Waxman cases concerning the infringement of two patents owned and/or licensed by plaintiffs. The Van Winkle Law Firm attorneys, working with Fish and Richardson, P.C. and Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher, obtained a declaratory judgment for the plaintiffs that the patents are valid and will be infringed by proposed generic drugs. Other related cases are pending
  • High Voltage Beverages, LLC v. Coca-Cola Comp. (WDNC), Trademark and trade name litigation. Successfully defended Coca-Cola with Shook, Hardy & Bacon