Administrative & Regulatory Law Attorneys in Asheville, Hendersonville & Surrounding Areas

In the current environment, businesses face increasing challenges from a proliferation of local, state and federal regulations that require equally demanding conditions of compliance.

To address these regulatory and administrative matters, The Van Winkle Law Firm combines the knowledge, resources, and expertise of business lawyers representing several of the firm’s practice groups to develop sound strategies that simplify processes and help clients meet the obligations required of them by government and industry laws and standards. Our deep experience includes representing entities in some of the most highly regulated industries, such as public utilities, financial and educational institutions, hospitals and healthcare providers. Our clients are assured we understand the intricacies of administrative law and can provide capable counsel and representation in matters that range from simple to complex.

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Areas of Focus

Fact-Finding Investigations

Businesses and companies can find themselves entangled in local, state, and federal investigations or starting an internal investigation to stay ahead of a potential issue. A regulatory lawyer with The Van Winkle Law Firm digs into all evidence and facts of the situation to produce a comprehensive investigation and ending report. The end goal is to assist your business or company in creating a proactive approach to business operations now and in the future.

Legislative Lobbying

Regardless of industry, we assist our clients in maneuvering the activities related to legislative lobbying. This may include strategy formation and legislative committee and study commission appearances. Taking the time to wholly understand each client’s perspective allows us to deliver effective results.

Professional Licensing

For people working in more than 100 occupations and professions throughout North Carolina, a certification, license, permit, or registration is required to legally continue in the job. The Van Winkle Law Firm has a long history assisting and representing all licensing matters for professionals, such as:

Our team is up-to-date on current licensing requirements and is held in good standing with numerous government agencies and boards. Moreover, an administrative law attorney from The Van Winkle Law Firm uses combined experience across several practice areas to also represent regulatory and licensing boards in administrative matters.

  • Attorney applicants;
  • Certified public accountants;
  • Construction trades;
  • Healthcare professionals;
  • Insurance agents;
  • Law enforcement officials; and
  • Real estate professionals.

Public Procurement Compliance

Every construction project begins with an idea and steadily comes to fruition during the course of the project timeline. If or when a dispute over bidding, construction, or design arises, count on The Van Winkle Law Firm to assist with finding a timely resolution which keeps the project within compliance at every stage.

Regulatory Litigation

Whether litigating for or against a regulatory agency or board, regulatory lawyers with The Van Winkle Law Firm ardently protects the interests and rights of each client. Our law firm reaches across practice areas and professional memberships to devise holistic yet well-rounded representation in all regulatory cases.

What Does An Administrative & Regulatory Attorney Do?

Our attorneys in North Carolina work with clients on various regulatory and administrative issues including fact-finding investigations, legislative lobbying, professional licensing and public procurement compliance. This includes supporting a client’s business, project or initiative with creative strategies and solutions to ensure they remain in good standing with various government agencies and boards, and to provide protection and guidance on any disputes that may arise.

Rule-Making Proceedings

Because clients work across a wide variety of industries, an administrative attorney with The Van Winkle Law Firm handles the research and presentation necessary to help adopt new and amend existing rules. An attorney in this area also has experience with judicial reviews related to declaratory ruling requests.