Leading Tax Law Practice in Western North Carolina

Because many of our lawyers hold master’s degrees in taxation, The Van Winkle Law Firm is considered one of the region’s leading tax law practices. Our team of professionals counsel clients on various issues, helping them navigate the boundaries of ever-changing local, state, and federal laws and developing tax-efficient strategies that align with their personal and business goals. Our skills and experience have enabled us to successfully represent clients before all levels of the tax court.

The business lawyers with our North Carolina law firm take the time to understand clients’ businesses and their industries to address the tax consequences of their organizational structures and transactions. On a personal level, we carefully develop and execute sophisticated estate plans, oversee fiduciary responsibilities, and review tax returns with an eye on minimizing clients’ tax liabilities.

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How Our Tax Law Attorneys Can Help

Legal Advisement

Our experienced taxation attorneys can provide crucial legal advice on the possible tax consequences of business structures and operations. From the stages of business formation to developing tax strategies for ongoing business operations and even offering guidance on business mergers and acquisitions, our attorneys provide crucial legal advice on a range of tax-related matters.

Tax Exemption

Nonprofit organizations often face similar legal issues to for-profit organizations, complicated by special tax rules and government regulations. The nonprofit law field is heavily tax-oriented, and tax law is continually changing. Our taxation lawyers keep up with tax developments and monitor tax legislation to help nonprofit organizations navigate the complicated legal process of applying for tax-exempt status.

Lien Assistance

Tax liens are imposed upon a property to secure payment of taxes. When the IRS imposes a tax lien, it shows up on credit reports and can limit the sale of assets. Worse yet, if you don’t pay the entire assessed tax amount after receiving notice and demand, an IRS lien will automatically attach to all of your property. A tax lawyer with our firm can help defend against tax liens. Contact us today to learn more.

Preparation Of Tax Returns

Non-filing of tax returns is a federal crime that can result in imprisonment and significant fines. Our experienced tax attorneys can help prepare business, fiduciary, and personal tax returns. In addition, we can help ensure everything is filed correctly and ensure the maximum on your return.

Representation In Tax Court

In some cases, resolving a tax dispute may require litigation. If a tax dispute ends up before the US Tax Court, we can represent your business interests. Whatever your dispute entails, from IRS audits, tax refunds, tax collection, to wage garnishment, and more — our litigation attorneys can help you obtain a favorable courtroom resolution.