Antitrust Counseling & Compliance Attorneys

The Van Winkle Law Firm helps both claimants and defendants achieve their business objectives while minimizing the risk of litigation that may arise from potential violations of antitrust issues. Our attorneys review transactions and counsel clients before undertaking proposed steps that may pose antitrust or regulatory compliance risks, including those related to business expansion, buyouts and mergers. We draw on our strong litigation and defense experience to represent clients in highly regulated industries, including health care, manufacturing, government, public utilities, financial services and media, to provide a solid foundation of unwavering, knowledgeable and authoritative support through the prosecution or defense of antitrust claims.

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Areas of Focus

  • Preventative Counseling
  • Representation Before Legislative Bodies
  • Selection of Business Arrangements
  • Transaction Reviews

Price Fixing

An agreement among competitors to raise or maintain prices is called price-fixing. Price-fixing lawsuits may involve agreements to raise the prices of products or services. Still, they may also involve agreements to adjust shipping fees, modifications to warranty terms, or changes to discount programs. Our experienced attorneys can aggressively litigate price-fixing claims if settlement negotiations are unable to resolve these issues.

Market Allocation Schemes

The division of markets, geographically or otherwise, among competitors is known as a market/customer allocation scheme. These schemes enable companies to set prices without being concerned that competitors will undercut them with lower values. Unfortunately, when these allocations occur, the cost-benefit of healthy market competition is prevented, and customers and businesses alike suffer. Our skilled litigation team can help address market allocation problems to preserve a fair market with healthy competition.


Businesses must follow antitrust laws to avoid forming monopolies that dominate the market for a particular product or service. Essentially, when a company can increase prices or reduce supply without the worry of competitors charging lower prices for a substitute product or service, it has acquired monopoly power. Our antitrust attorneys serve businesses that have been harmed by unlawful monopolies. Contact us to learn more!