Creditors’ Rights Lawyers Representing Lenders Throughout North Carolina and Tennessee

The Van Winkle Law Firm has one of the most experienced teams of creditors’ rights lawyers in North Carolina. Our Asheville law offices represent banks, credit unions, other lenders, and investors at every point in the lending relationship, from pre-closing negotiation through collection and collateral recovery. Whether working with small creditors, individuals, local banks, or large institutions, we have the experience to provide clients with helpful and comprehensive counsel, finding resolutions for both everyday financial matters and complex situations. We rely on an integrated team approach to draw on a substantial depth of transactional, lender, and litigation experience to guide our clients to the best outcomes. Our business attorneys recognize the importance of quick results achieved at a reasonable cost to the client.

Our attorneys have considerable expertise in the following:

  • Lender’s counsel in closing secured transactions
  • Foreclosures on real and personal property
  • Replevin (claim and delivery) Actions
  • Collection suits
  • Enforcement of guarantees
  • Post-judgment collection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Receiverships
  • Loan workouts and short sales
  • Commercial lease disputes and eviction
  • Tax foreclosures
  • Reformation actions
  • Avoidance of fraudulent transfers
  • Defense of lender-liability claims
  • Cherokee Tribal Court

What Are Creditors’ Rights?

Creditors’ rights are provisions designed to protect the capabilities of lenders to collect the money they’re owed. While the specific conditions vary from state to state, creditors’ rights may allow a creditor to put a lien on a debtor’s property, effect garnishment of the debtor’s wages, and more. Additionally, creditors’ rights deal with rights against debtors and the rights of creditors against other creditors’.

What Does A Creditors Rights Attorney Do?

Our creditors’ rights attorneys are dedicated to protecting lenders’ rights as they seek to collect debts from individuals or businesses. Additionally, a creditors’ rights lawyer can provide legal guidance and help settle disputes between multiple creditors trying to collect from the same debtor. Some services our creditors’ rights lawyers provide include the following.

  • Filing lawsuits to collect commercial and consumer debt
  • Representing creditors interests throughout bankruptcy proceedings
  • Foreclosing real estate when purchasers default on payment
  • Recovering goods such as automobiles when purchasers default on payment

How Do I Know If I Need A Creditors Rights Lawyer?

Have you loaned out money and are having difficulty recovering your financial losses? Then it’s time to contact an experienced creditors’ rights attorney for help getting it back. Reach out to The Van Winkle Law firm today to learn more about how our team of attorneys can help you.