Business Dispute Lawyers In North Carolina

Disputes — whether they’re with competitors, business partners, employees, customers, or government agencies — are unavoidable in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape in North Carolina and globally. However, our business litigation lawyers appreciate that you and your company want to focus your time and resources on conducting business, so we work hard to understand your current dispute, your core operations, and your long-term business goals. This collaborative approach helps us formulate a strategy for helping you solve your dispute most efficiently.

Whether your case is one that can be resolved without formal process, one that can benefit from alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration, or even a “bet-the-company” matter that will require extensive litigation, our goal is to help you resolve your problem and get back to business.

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Common Business Disputes

Breach Of Contract

Upon entering into a business contract, parties undertake certain obligations and responsibilities that must be fulfilled. When one party fails to meet any of its contractual obligations, it is considered a “breach” of contract. Whether you believe another party failed to uphold their contractual obligations to your business or you’ve been accused of breaching a contract, our dependable breach of contract lawyers can defend your rights.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property can be a business’s most important asset. The attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm have decades of combined experience in patent and trademark prosecution, intellectual property litigation, and privacy and data security compliance. We have handled nearly every aspect of domestic and international intellectual property transactions, prosecutions, and litigations. Contact us to learn more!