Lawyers for Appeals from State & Federal Courts

After a case has concluded before a lower court, additional proceedings can occur before higher courts. These appellate proceedings, though, require a much different approach than trial proceedings, and are best handled by advocates familiar with the nuances of appellate practice.

The Van Winkle Law Firm has a long and storied history of appellate practice. Since its founding 1907, the firm’s attorneys have appeared in hundreds of matters before the North Carolina and federal appellate courts. These cases have involved a wide range of subjects, from civil rights and governmental liability, to creditors’ rights, business and commercial law, personal injury, products liability, worker’s compensation, wills and estates, and real estate and property rights.

In addition to working with Van Winkle clients whose matters have proceeded to appeal, the Firm’s appellate attorneys are available to consult with and/or receive referrals from counsel in other firms who prefer to focus on trial or transactional matters.