Peace of Mind for Your Future

People are living longer than any time in human history. With longevity, or with disability, comes concerns and decisions about independent living, decision making, quality of life, long‐term care, and asset preservation. Van Winkle’s Trusts, Estates & Elder Law attorneys are equipped to address these concerns in all aspects of planning, counseling, educating, and advocating for our clients.

Our attorneys can assist you in developing a dynamic plan, suited to address the unpredictability of living a longer, healthier life. We help you to evaluate all of your options for long‐term healthcare, including pathways toward aging in place or entering an assisted living, skilled nursing, or other retirement community. We put tools in place to allow for supported or surrogate decision‐making and assist you in communicating your plans to your family or support network. We assist with coordinating helpful resources so you can remain independent and productive in your home or community for as long as possible. And when conflicts arise, we help you navigate them.

Supported Decision Making

Our Trust, Estates & Elder Law attorneys assist clients in planning for the possibility of declining physical or mental abilities, or periods of temporary or permanent incapacity, to ensure one or more responsible people are in place to monitor, assist with, or assume, personal, health, and financial decision making. We work with clients to prepare general (financial) powers of attorneyhealthcare powers of attorney, and advance healthcare directives, and when the need arises, we work with individuals and their families to implement these documents. We also can serve in the role of General Agent, if necessary and appropriate. When supported decision making tools are not enough to meet the needs of a person, we counsel clients and their families about the option of full or limited guardianships.

Services for Aging in Place

Our attorneys work with other elder care service professionals to help you engage resources enabling you to remain independent and productive in your home or community. Depending on your needs, these resources may include periodic assessments by a geriatric care manager, companionship services, household assistance, skilled medical care, financial support/bill paying, or home maintenance, security and improvements.

Fulfilling Fiduciary Duties

Van Winkle’s Trusts, Estates & Elder law attorneys provide counsel and assistance to individuals serving in a fiduciary capacity for an individual, including agents under powers of attorney, trustees, executors, and guardians. We assist these individuals in fulfilling their fiduciary and accounting obligations. In addition to providing advocacy and counsel, our attorneys can, and will, serve in these fiduciary capacities when requested by the client or appointed by the Court.