Challenged And Contested Will Lawyers in North Carolina

The Van Winkle Law Firm assists clients in resolving disputes where the validity of a will is in question. Our Trusts, Estates & Elder Law attorneys have handled many will contests, or caveats, involving claims that the person executing a will lacked the required mental capacity, that the will was procured through undue influence, that fraud or duress were at play when a will was signed, or that the proper formalities were not followed when a will was signed.

The Van Winkle Law Firm brings an experienced team of estate planners and estate litigators to will contest cases for different types of wills and undertakes a thorough investigation of such matters.

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Practice Highlights

  • Successfully turned back a challenge to a will probated in Arizona, thereby preserving a substantial bequest to a non-profit in Western North Carolina.
  • Challenging a will that was executed by a mother shortly before her death that disinherited some of her children.
  • Successfully challenging a will prepared shortly before death thereby preserving long-standing bequests.