North Carolina Appellate Attorney

Handling Appeals in Asheville, Hendersonville & Charlotte

Because no litigation practice is complete without strong appellate capabilities, the attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm assist clients and trial counsel with insightful strategy and effective advocacy when called upon to identify, preserve and advocate issues for appeal. We provide a full-service and collaborative approach to handling cases drawing from the firm’s diverse team of highly experienced appellate advocates. Appellate proceedings require a much different approach than trial proceedings, and only an advocate familiar with the nuances of the appellate forum can effectively present a case on appeal.

The firm’s Appellate practice embraces an exhaustive list of substantive law issues, including:

  • Complex Business and Contractual Disputes
  • Estate and Trust Matters
  • Professional Liability Issues
  • Governmental and Regulatory Challenges
  • Federal Preemption of State Laws
  • Property Rights, Eminent Domain, Regulatory Takings and Property Tax Issues
  • Medicare, Bank and Securities Fraud
  • Employment Discrimination and Noncompetition
  • Corporate Ownership and Shareholder Matters
  • Antitrust Claims
  • Intellectual Property Matters