North Carolina Estate & Trust Administration Attorneys

The Van Winkle Law Firm works closely with the executors, trustees, and beneficiaries. By advising these individuals on the complexities of administration, duties and personal liability imposed by law, our lawyers help ensure estates are managed in an efficient and effective manner during and after their transfer.

The lawyers in our Trusts, Estates & Elder Law team work closely with our clients to administer and settle trusts and estates. Whether it is assisting an Executor with the numerous responsibilities that come along with the passing of a loved one or administering a trust for a client who is incapacitated during his or her lifetime, our firm will ensure that your affairs are managed professionally and as you intended. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience both serving as an executor and trustee and supporting executors and trustees with their duties. This includes small estate administration, formal probate proceedings, ancillary estate administrations, and trust administration and settlement.

If a client’s situation is appropriate for one of our lawyers to serve as the client’s agent, we work with our clients to carefully execute the plan that we developed with our clients. For instance, a lawyer on our team accepted the designation as attorney-in-fact and successor trustee for a married couple who did not have any children and no family members available to manage the couple’s affairs. After the couple was no longer able to act on their own behalf, the lawyer arranged and managed caregivers in the home until skilled care became necessary for the clients, supervised the clients’ status in the skilled care facility, maintained contact with family members, and managed several million dollars in assets with assistance from the clients’ long-term investment counselor. No matter the level of assistance or the life stage, our team will work with you to develop and execute a plan that is suitable for your unique situation.

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