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Is an employee exempt from overtime? Should I terminate someone because he posted derogatory information about my organization on Facebook? What should I do if an employee was injured at the worksite? What do I do about workplace violence?

The answers to these questions may be complex and difficult for any employer who wishes to comply with federal and state employment laws, but may be particularly challenging for nonprofits with limited resources. No matter the size or resources of an organization, it is important for employers to be proactive when addressing workplace matters to minimize risk and potential liability.

On Thursday, October 27, attorneys Carolyn Coward, Emma Hodson, Allan Tarleton and Stephen Williamson will teach a Duke University Nonprofit Management Program course entitled “Basic Employment Law for Nonprofit Managers.” The Duke University Nonprofit Management Program is hosted by WNC Nonprofit Pathways for Western North Carolina. Participants can earn a certificate in nonprofit management or learn about topics of interest. Carolyn, Emma, Allan and Stephen previously taught this course in 2015 and are grateful for the opportunity to share their knowledge with local nonprofit executives for a second year. They also look forward to gaining insight from class participants about issues their organizations face.