With rapidly changing technology and more sophisticated hacking methods in use, information security threats to your business are a constant reality. Recent news reports surrounding cyberattacks confirm that businesses across the globe can easily be affected. This continuous change and potential for risk makes it imperative that organizations prepare a plan to protect employee and client information. In the July issue of Capital at Play, senior partner and certified IAPP attorney Allan Tarleton discusses eight ways to safeguard your organization.

Steps your company can take include evaluating your data inventory and storage methods, implementing or updating a data security policy and assessing what sensitive information is available to employees remotely. Tarleton also advises gauging your company’s physical security to provide an even broader scope of protection to your business and its physical and digital assets and information. An additional precaution to take is to perform a security audit on firewalls, email security, backup and disaster recovery, laptop encryption and other security areas. This will help you determine any areas that need improvement.

For additional details on each step be sure to read the full Capital at Play article. With these measures in place your company will be prepared in the event of a data breach. Determining the best security options within your organization and investing time and resources into a data security plan is well worth the effort. Fill out our contact form or call (828) 258-2991 for additional information on privacy and information security.