North Carolina Health Law Attorneys

Today’s healthcare providers must naturally focus on the most cost-effective ways to manage and grow their business. The attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm have a comprehensive understanding of the latest market demands. We routinely assist healthcare providers in all situations, whether transactional, regulatory, or litigation. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of physicians, physician practices, and practice administrators.

Innovative Legal Healthcare Problem-Solvers

Whether we are helping a physician engaged in a dispute for payment or creating computer-assisted tools for healthcare compliance we have a widespread reputation as an innovative legal healthcare problem-solver. We have a deep understanding of what is needed to succeed in the healthcare industry, as well as how best to navigate regulatory frameworks and manage litigation-related situations. We understand physicians can face many legal and business issues in the current healthcare environment. We are able to negotiate and enforce managed care contracts and have developed procedures which can help physicians achieve legally-compliant practice expansion opportunities. We routinely assist physicians with the preparation of physician employment agreements, compensation plans, buy-in and buy-out issues and non-competition provisions.

There are many complex issues physicians face in today’s climate. The needs of patients and staff must be balanced with financial viability for the physician. Physicians who accept Medicare and/or Medicaid may be involved in reimbursement disputes or may have issues with interpretation of state and federal regulations. Physicians involved in practice expansion opportunities may require reliable legal assistance in order to ensure the future of their practice is properly secured. We are highly experienced in employment laws as well as professional licensure and accreditation, and staffing issues. We believe our firm has both the experience and the legal knowledge necessary to address all issues related to physician practices.

Bringing More Than 100 Years of Experience to the Table

In recent years, the healthcare industry has been required to make many changes in order to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing population with access to health insurance. With this level of change, medical professionals frequently encounter a number of challenges and issues. Whether we are representing single physicians or physician groups, our goal is to resolve issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We have more than 100 years of experience, allowing us to handle all types of healthcare cases, no matter how challenging.

We routinely address such issues as:

Protect Your Medical Practice & Reputation

When an issue such as a medical malpractice claim or EEOC claim arises, the effects can be extremely detrimental to your reputation, as well as your practice. As soon as you seek our firm's client-centered services, we will begin working diligently toward a resolution. Our knowledge of the healthcare industry, as well as the laws that govern it, could make all the difference to your case. We will do everything possible to finalize your case with minimal to no disruption to your daily operations.

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  • American Society of Healthcare Risk Management
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