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If you are considering building a new residence, read James Johnson's new article published in Capital at Play Magazine: Keep your "Dream Home" from Turning into a Nightmare. During his 13 years of experience as a practicing construction lawyer, Johnson has seen hundreds of examples of common, avoidable problems that can arise at any phase of the design and construction process. In his two part series (part two will be published next month) he shares an overview of some of the considerations owners can make during the planning phase that can "minimize the risk of undesirable results" later on.

"Given the complexity presented by a construction project, it should not be surprising that problems routinely occur in the process and outcome of the project, which affect the time, cost, and quality of the project. As construction lawyers, we are routinely called in to mitigate and resolve these types of problems either midstream or after completion of a project. All too often, such problems could have been minimized by thorough, appropriate planning on the front end of a project, to prevent the "dream home" from turning into a nightmare.

James Johnson leads the Van Winkle Law Firm's Construction and Professional Design group. He has represented owners, contractors, developers and design professionals on both public and private projects throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. His practice experience includes the preparation and negotiation of agreements, project disputes and claims, to litigation, mediation and arbitration of a variety of construction matters, including claims of defective construction and design, subcontractor disputes, delays and sureties, and liens. Johnson speaks and publishes frequently on construction law topics.