The Van Winkle Law Firm provides help for Homeowner’s Associations and Property Owners Associations, which are private subdivisions that have restrictions, covenants, or declarations that apply to those communities, says Esther Manheimer, a principal at Van Winkle.

State law and the restrictions that apply to that community, dictate how an HOA can amend or change its rules. Manheimer works closely with neighborhood boards to interpret those provisions and guide them through the process.

“I especially enjoy working with the association boards, helping them with their relationship with one another, how they work through an issue, and helping make suggestions for them for an orderly transition or change.” She explains.

The skilled counsel at Van Winkle can help HOA and POA boards:

  • Enforce or amend restrictions

  • Manage assessments

  • Handle infrastructure issues

  • Draft and redraft covenants and bylaws

Offering guidance through transitions

“Once a HOA or POA knows the direction they want to go,” she says, “they really need a closer to help them get technicalities down, steer them in the right direction, and apply the law to their transition.”

A successful attorney will understand where that community is coming from and what is going to be a priority for them, so that they can obtain the results that work for them.

“It’s not a matter of having a law degree, it’s a matter of having a people degree.” Manheimer emphasizes.

From annual meetings and board elections, to complex issues such as changing neighborhood rules, The Van Winkle Law Firm can help HOAs and POAs understand and comply with unique and often changing regulations.