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Asheville attorney Heather Goldstein won the I’ll Raise my Voice for United Way award at the annual Heather Goldsteinmeeting for the United Way of Asheville & Buncombe County. The award, presented by the United Way’s Leadership Giving Manager Elizabeth Allen, recognized Heather for her outstanding contributions to the organization’s annual campaign. Allen stated, “Over the past year, Heather Whitaker Goldstein chaired our Peaks Development Committee. In compliment to her complex and successful legal career with Van Winkle Law Firm, Heather is a mother of four boys, and extends her intelligence and compassion to many non-profits in our community as a board member. Heather speaks with eloquence and leads by example with a quiet confidence. Her husband and boys are lucky to call her their own – – and our community is exceptionally fortunate to have her advocate on behalf of United Way. I am pleased to honor Heather with the I’ll Raise My Voice for United Way award.”

Committed to Giving Back to the Community

The Asheville attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm have served the legal needs of North Carolina residents since the firm was founded in 1907. For more than 100 years we have not only dedicated our time and effort to matters within the firm, but have committed ourselves to serving the needs of our community as well. Many of our attorneys work with non-profit and charitable organizations. We also host legal workshops to help improve access to legal resources and the pursuit of justice.

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