Attorney Emma Hodson to Present at the 2016 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual MeetingSchedule A Consultation
Although preventive security measures are extremely important for any business, it is highly likely that many (if not all) businesses will experience some sort of breach incident. Often the breach can be small (e.g. a hospital employee who accesses an acquaintance’s file with the good intention of letting their mutual friends know that the acquaintance is suffering from a terminal illness), but they can also be massive (e.g. Target).

No matter the size of the breach, it is important for businesses to understand their legal obligations and to develop response strategies that are practically tailored for different types of incidents.

Attorney Emma Hodson represents clients before regulatory agencies and in litigation (with an emphasis in the areas of healthcare regulatory, employment, and cybersecurity / data privacy law). She worries that the legal profession is a small but attractive target for individuals with bad intentions. On May 6, 2016, Emma will give a presentation at the 2016 NCBA Paralegal Division Annual Meeting on Data Breaches and How to Respond to Them. Emma is grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge with fellow professionals and hopes to gain insight from her Q&A session as to issues that other firms are facing.