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Charlotte Attorney Carl Burchette recently delivered a presentation titled “Uniform Commercial Code vs. Common Law: Which Governs?” during a North Carolina Bar Association Construction Law Section Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webinar on Construction Products and Services. Carl’s presentation, which he gave on February 24, 2016 during the Construction Law Winter Program, focused on how the courts distinguish mixed contracts for both goods and services. The live presentation was broadcast on the internet and will be replayed (see below for dates).

Among many other construction law topics, the program addressed common issues related to incorporating construction products into finished buildings and homes, including those “untested” for the conditions in which they are used. This program was designed to explore various categories of construction contract damages, when they are available, and how to prove them in construction and/or construction product liability cases.

Learn more from the NCBA’s Construction Law brochure.

The webinar will be available for video replays across North Carolina in May and June:

  • Asheville: Thursday, June 9
  • Cary: Wednesday, June 8
  • Concord: Friday, May 20
  • Wilmington: Tuesday, May 24

Carl’s practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation, business operations, and construction and professional design, with a special interest in construction law. He is affiliated with the Asheville Homebuilders Association, Carolinas Associated General Contractors of America, the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina State Bar, the Asheville AIA (American Institute of Architects), the American Bar Association, the 28th Judicial District Bar, and is co-chair of the Membership in Diversity Committee. For more information, follow the link above to view Carl’s online attorney profile.

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