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Should we offer an unpaid internship? Can an employee ever volunteer for our organization? What if anything can we do to prevent workplace violence, and what should we do if something happens and employees are injured? Can we prohibit employees from posting negative things about our organization on social media?”

Although all types of businesses should consider these and other complex workplace questions to minimize risk and potential liability, it can be especially challenging for nonprofits with limited resources to determine if they are in compliance. All employers should be proactive in complying with federal and state employment laws by staying up to date on changing regulations or developments regarding workplace issues.

Attorneys Allan Tarleton, Carolyn Coward, Emma Hodson, and Stephen Williamson will teach “Basic Employment Law for Nonprofit Managers,” a Duke University Nonprofit Management Program that provides training and resources for the nonprofit sector. The program will be held on October 25th, 2017 and is hosted by WNC Nonprofit Pathways for Western North Carolina. Attendees will learn about employment law topics that are most relevant to nonprofit organizations and will have the option to earn a certificate in nonprofit management.

This is the third year that Carolyn, Emma, Allan and Stephen have taught the course and they are excited to continue to bring knowledge and applicable information to nonprofit executives. The valuable opinions and experiences gained from participants each year helps to further expand on the program offerings for the continued development of nonprofit leaders.